The Haze

Amazing scenes in Jambi Province, Indonesia as the haze crisis causes the sky to turn blood red in a phenomenon known as Rayleigh Scattering.

The haze has become somewhat of a regular occurrence in our region as thousands of hectares of prime rainforest are being burnt down, apparently to clear land for palm oil plantations.

In Singapore, we complain all the time when the haze hits us, but the effects we experience from these crises are nothing compared to what the Indonesians themselves have to go through first hand. People have died in the flames and succumbed to ill health due to the inhalation of the thick suffocating fumes, with the PSI rising into the high hazardous range.

a few days back, as the haze blanketed our country with our PSI into the unhealthy range, I was amazed to see a guy still nonchalantly standing outdoors beside the multi-story carpark smoking away. I was thinking, “Dude, you really shouldn’t be spending unnecessarily time lingering outdoors in this weather.” But I guess in his mind, smoking was a non-negotiable. Life must go on, he is already on the way to destroying his lungs, so what difference will a bit of haze make?