Midautumn’s Night Scene

It’s the midautumn festival! A time where the moon shines the biggest and the brightest in the night sky. A time to feast on delicious mooncakes and for the kids to parade with their candlelit lanterns.

For me, it is time for a long peaceful walk along our wonderful canals, soaking in the sights of the night with the sounds of crickets chirping. A cool night breeze is respite for us in the hot humid climate of Singapore. This is the best time to walk!

Thankfully, the wind has been kind to us, sparing us much of the thick transboundary Sumatran haze that has engulfed Malaysia in the north.

Once the wind direction changes, we would have to seek refuge indoors, so I’m grateful today to still have good weather.

I wish my camera was better to capture the beautiful night scenes, but these are the best I can do for now, while waiting for my new Huawei Nova 5T to arrive!