2019 Drive to Thailand – Sunsets, Beaches and Takeaways

The Magnificent & Magical Mai Khao Beach

Daddy can we go to the beach?

Another favorite activity for the kids is a visit to the beach. We do have our beaches in Singapore, but nothing as scenic and pristine as Mai Khao Beach here in Phuket. There are no fences, but this is practically a private beach, where you don’t see anything but fine sand, waves, and the skyline for miles and miles. Even though the waters are red-flagged at this time of the year (apparently due to the Jellyfish season), it is still enjoyable for the kids to come, play with the sand, and to find some nice seashells.

Yes, it is also extremely therapeutic to just stand at the shoreline, gazing into the blue waters and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the waves caressing the land. For this generation of children that are so used to their gadgets and mobile games, it is good for them to take some time to gaze out and appreciate the greatness of our world.

Are there mermaids out there?

There are also some lovely sunset views to savour. Perfect for some afternoon walks!

Sunset view from our apartment!

Because we have access to our vehicle, we can take a short drive out to the little makeshift restaurants to order some delicious Thai cuisine to take-away back to our apartment to eat. Our car is not a sports car, but it definitely turns heads here in Phuket because of the foreign number plate, Many people come up to me to ask me if I have driven in from Malaysia. When I tell them I drove from Singapore, they always give me this incredulous smile.

Part 10 – First time in Phuket Town! Expanding our horizons!

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