2019 Drive to Thailand – A Leisurely, Scenic Drive

The two hour drive between Krabi and Phuket is one of my favorite stretches to drive. It boasts great scenery- hills, cliffs, clear blue waters. In recent years, the roads around this area have been greatly improved, widened to two lanes each way to allow for easy overtaking.

The kids are excited because we are headed to Phuket. For them, the highlight of the road trip is always our time at the Marriott Vacation Club, where they have a great time at the kids club, swimming, and enjoying the other facilities at the resort.

Thankfully, after a few days of rain and gloomy drizzle, it is a bright and sunny morning, what wonderful weather to enjoy a leisurely morning drive and to soak in the scenic surroundings. As we approach Phang Nga, we have a choice of routes, and we chose to turn off the main road into the more “scenic road.” Little did we know that it would lead us straight into the Police blockade!

This would be the 3rd time already that we have been stopped in Thailand by the Police. They seem to be vigilantly checking for irregularities, searching the insides of the cars. I’m really not sure what they are looking out for. So far, they haven’t caused us any trouble. Just get asked a few questions about where we are going, take a look at our vehicle customs form and driving license, and that’s that. Just stay calm, remain polite, and smile! 🙂

Very soon, we approach the Sarasin Bridge which connects Phuket to the mainland. There is a Phuket checkpoint, but no need to show your passports here, just slow down and drive through and smile at the security officials and/or paper standee. 😛

Crossing the Sarasin Bridge

The Marriott Mai Khao Beach Resort is just a short drive from the checkpoint, but because we are too early, we head towards Tesco Lotus Thalang at the centre of the island for our lunch.

Lovely Japanese Bento Sets at the Yayoi Restaurant at Tesco Lotus Thalang

The kids have been asking for Japanese food, and we decide on the wonderful Yayoi Restaurant which serves some delicious Bento Sets and Noodles at an extremely reasonable price.

After lunch, we do our shopping for the week, intending to make full use of the kitchen facilities at our Marriott apartment. This is one of the great perks of doing a road trip, you have the means to go supermarket shopping and stock up on supplies.

After lunch, we proceed back to Mai Khao at the North of the Island to check into our resort.

Part 8 – The kids love the kids club at our home away from home!

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