The New MCD McNuggets Burger

McDonald’s McNuggets burger, self-assembled!

Ever since the new McDonald’s drive-through opened near our home, our family has enjoyed some convenient take-away dinners to satisfy our regular craving for McDonald’s.

My wife loves the McSpicy burgers, but because she is on a Keto diet, she looks to avoid carbohydrates e.g. french fries, buns. It is pretty hard to make a special order over the drive-through intercomm system, so often she just orders the whole meal and leaves behind the bread and fries. Obviously, this is quite wasteful, so today, I had a brainwave and decided to reduce our food wastage by ordering a Sharing Box (with McWings and McNuggets) a la carte, to go with my wife’s Double McSpicy Combo Meal, instead of ordering two Combo Meals. In this way, we share only ONE Combo Meal between the two of us. I avoid having to gorge myself on two packets of fries, which helps me not put on too much weight. I also get creative by taking the buns from my wife’s McSpicy (she doesn’t eat the buns anyway), getting a slice of cheddar cheese from my own fridge, and partner it with three McNuggets to create my own self-assembled McNuggets burger!

It turned out to be pretty tasty! Best of all, no food wastage, I don’t overeat, and my wife gets her Keto compliant diet sorted, all at the same time! A definite WIN-WIN-WIN solution! 🙂 (yes, you can tell I’m pretty proud of my brainwave!)

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