A Treat from LayerPlay

LayerPlay isn’t just about wall art.
Everyone is unique and we embrace individual style, preference and personality.

Was super blessed to receive this personalised present from a friend today. We are in the same business networking group and he basically gave one of these personalised “cubes” to every single member of our group, all 30 of us! In fact, I thought that it was a generic present as first, until I was driving home in my car and I saw that it had my name on the top with a New Year’s greeting!

So that does this cube do? It turns out that it is actually a note pad, where you can write your notes on it and slowly tear off layer by layer.

Amazingly, the sides of the notepad are printed with a beautiful colorful design which advertises my friend’s company “LayerPlay.” The gift was actually printed in-house by on their company’s printing machines! 

LayerPlay is an interior design company which prints high quality customised wall paper. You can pick from a multitude of beautiful stock designs or create your own patterns from photographs or any artwork that you have. You are only limited by your imagination!

Look at some of the designs available at their shop!

If you take a look at some of the designs available at their web shop. They are truly breath-taking. Can you imagine, if you have one of these beautiful landscapes on your walls, everyday in your home or office will be like being at the beach, in the mountains or by the lake! It is a good way to trigger your imagination and increase your happiness quotient!

Layer Play has done work for big name clients, hotels and food outlets, and have racked up an amazing customer satisfaction rating.

If you are looking to personalise your living or working space with some breathtaking designs, I would highly recommend them! If you are keen, do drop me a message or email me at lenniechua@gmail.com and I will directly connect you with my friend who owns the company!

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