2018 Singapore-Thailand Drive Day 1 – Getting a Grip


We planned to leave home at 6am, but we ended up leaving only at 9am waiting ages for my laptop to complete its updates πŸ˜› Thank God that we only planned to cover 350 km to KL on the first day instead of 800km to Alor Setar like we normally do. Thank God that crossing the Causeway on a Thursday morning wasn’t that painful on this occasion.


We made good progress through alternating heavy rain and scorching sunshine, reaching our lunch stop at Nilai where we enjoyed some wonderful Penang cuisine at a neighbourhood coffee shop. The prices were incredibly low, considering how tasty the food was and that we could take refuge in air-conditioned comfort. I highly recommend this restaurant!



The other reason we chose to stop here was so that we could change our tyres. My front tyres were a little worn out and I did not want to risk having the car sliding around on the wet tarmac, especially on a long road trip like this. Better to be safe than sorry… good grippy tyres can make the difference between a close shave an a nasty crash.

After the quick change to spanking new Michelins, we were off on our way again, arriving at our first hotel, our favorite place to stay in KL – Ibis Styles Frasers Business Park. The kids quickly tucked into bed to enjoy an afternoon of TV!


I on the other hand, spent the afternoon comfortably snoring Zzzzz……

This is part 2 of my 2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand Blog Series, click HERE for part 3 where I talk about our stopover at Taiping, Perak.

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