Restaurant Congee Rice Noodles – Melaka

We had our late lunch at this restaurant today, just after it opened at 3pm. This was our first visit and we were happy to find somewhere air-conditioned, where we could eat in comfort shielded from the scorching heat outside.
The prices of the dishes here are slightly more pricy than what we can find in the vicinity, but still reasonable as the portions are sizable.

We ordered 6 dishes in total: Marmite Chicken (Rating: 8/10 a bit too much sauce), Cereal Prawns (8/10 not enough cereal), Kum Heong Lala (9/10 flavourful with good balance of spices), Gong Bao Frog Legs (8/10), Signature Toufu (8/10 simple but well executed), Seaweed Soup (7/10, decent but not outstanding).

There were so many other dishes we wanted to order, the food photos looked so tasty, but I guess we would have to come back another day to try.

All in all, we think this is a great find. There is something here for everyone. Our kids were all raving about their respective dishes and they asked to come back!

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