2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 15 – Lata Iskandar Falls

Today, we packed our bags and checked out of our apartment homestay, and headed towards our next destination – Melaka.

On the way out of Cameron Highlands, we like to take the Tapah route which is older and more winding. I wouldn’t recommend this route to newbies as it is more challenging and the road is much narrower with fewer opportunities to overtake slow vehicles. However, if you are up for the challenge, this is actually the more scenic route!

Just a few tips when going down the mountain. If you have a manual or semi-manual transmission, stick your car in low gear (I recommend gear 3) and use the gear box to help brake your vehicle down the mountain. In this way, you will avoid wearing out your foot brake. There is nothing more scary than having worn out brakes as you hurtle down the mountain towards certain doom. Do also watch out for dogs as many of them like to hang out on the road and they don’t move even if you honk at them.
We also chose to go down on a Friday morning, setting off at around 9:45am after breakfast. This is the day we know most people will be coming up the mountain to enjoy the weekend festivities of the Brinchang night market. This means that most of the jam will be on the opposite side lf the road, and traffic will be smoother on our side. The downside is that we miss the entire Night Market experience. Ah well, we win some we lose some. πŸ˜›

On the way down, the experience will be like you are driving through the heart of a forest as there will be lush greenery on both sides as well as overhanging branches arching over the road. Do lookout for the huts along the road where the Orang Asli live:

Look out also for the Lata Iskandar Falls where you really should stop your car at the side of the road and get out to take some photos. This is a really scenic spot, much nicer than the Parit Falls where I did my morming walk a few days back!

After Lata Iskandar, we proceeded on our 360km journey to Melaka, which thankfully went by uneventfully. We arrived at Novotel Melaka at around 4pm.

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