2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 14 – The Big Red Strawberry Farm

You can’t go to Cameron Highlands without paying a visit to a strawberry farm and a tea plantation. Well you shouldn’t anyway… the strawberries and tea are everywhere.

Our favorite strawberry farm is the big one at Brinchang Town – The Big Red Strawberry Farm. You can find it up a very steep slope off one of the side lanes. Plenty of signs around, you can’t miss it.

The great thing about this place is that you don’t really have to buy anything for your family to enjoy yourselves here. Your kids will have fun posing as giant strawberries and there are plenty of things to see without even paying to pick the strawberries.

There are even kid’s rides at a cheap RM1 which will entertain your little ones while you enjoy a nice strawberry dessert or drink from the cafe.

The scary thing about this place is the steep slope up and down which you have to navigate carefully with your vehicle. Go slow and save your suspension!

Click HERE to read about how we navigated the tricky side roads into the beautiful Boh Sungei Palas Tea plantation.

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