2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 14 – Tea Paradise!

Cameron Highlands is the home of renowned tea companies such as Boh and Cameron Bharat. Everyone who comes here HAS to visit at least one of the plantations. If not, you are missing a big chunk of the Cameron Highland experience.

Some of the plantations, like Cameron Bharat’s, are easily accessible along the main road of Route 59, but to get to the Boh Sungei Palas plantation, you will have to navigate a tricky narrow winding side road off the main road at the Kea Farm settlement.

This side road is full of potholes and barely able to fit two cars side by side. At some parts, if you drift too wide while trying to clear the oncoming vehicles, you might be facing a sheer drop into the tea valley below. This is a scary proposition, especially for the first timer, but I assure you it is well worth it. The views along this side road are majestic. You just need to buckle up, go slow, and honk when you are approaching a blind corner to alert the oncoming vehicles of your presence. Look out for certain spots where the road widens and wait here while the oncoming vehicles clear your car, before proceeding ahead. There is no point risking damage to your vehicles by squeezing at the narrow parts of the road.

One you reach the Boh Plantation Visitor Centre, do get some tea and scones and admire the magnificent views from the viewing platform of the tea valleys and the mountain peaks. You can also view the exhibits on display and take a free factory tour, which is actually rather enjoyable and informative.

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