2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 12 – Flat Tyre up Cameron Highlands

Today, we set off from Jitra on a 340km leg to Cameron Highlands, taking the less winding Simpang Pulai route. We always enjoy the scenic drive up the mountains because of the breathtaking sights of the mountain peaks and the valleys below. The air is also so much fresher and cooler, and we take advantage of this by putting down the car windows to enjoy the natural ventilation.
Everything went smoothly except halfway up the mountain, my car’s warning lights started to flash, telling us that our rear right tyre pressure was low. Oh dear. Not good. This could mean my tyre was leaking air, and I might be facing having to deal with a flat tyre literally in the middle of nowhere. The nearest petrol station was still 40km away and I had not much of a choice. The car still seemed to be driving fine without the bumps of having a fully flat tire. I decided to risk aiming for the petrol stations at Brinchang, while driving as smoothly as possible to avoid aggravating the damage. I had only changed my full set of tyres about 3 months back so I was hoping the damage wasn’t going to be all that serious. 

To make things worse, the skies opened and it started to rain. Drama indeed. 

Thankfully, we reached the petrol station safely and I pumped up all four tyres to the recommended pressure before setting off to collect our apartment keys. There was a cut off time to collect the keys, so that also added to my anxiety. I stopped the car at the side of the apartment complex, collected our keys and then noticed a distinct hissing sound coming from the rear right tyre, clearly audible even through the rain. The tyre was most definitely leaking air and if I don’t get it rectified, it is another battle looming with my inconvenient spare tyre.

We got a recommendation of a tyre shop back in Brinchang, and I was very grateful for the service rendered. They quickly identified the leak, patched it up without even trying to sell us a new set of tyres. Best of all, the cost was only RM10. Thank God. All’s well that ends well. Now, I’m left wondering how long my patched up tyre will last…

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