2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 7 – Respect the Ocean

We finally had a day of sunny weather and We took advantage of that to bring the kids to the beach. They had been asking for a few days now to go. Even though we forgot to pack their sandcastle building tools, they improvised and made do. We all had a good time, just enjoying the feeling of being splashed by the waves, which are pretty strong at this time of the year. Mai Khao beach is so pristine, beautiful, and quiet!

My youngest son went from being scared to really enjoying the feeling of the seawater caressing his toes. I had to be extra alert though to make sure that none of the kids get swept away by the waves.

My kids all lived to tell the story, but my spectacles didn’t. I ended up the morning without my glasses after they got washed out to sea after we were hit by a big wave. I was left wondering how I was going to survive the rest of the trip half blind. Thankfully I still had my sunglasses. πŸ˜›

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