2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 4 – Marriott Phuket Beach Club

It was good to have a relaxing day to chill at the resort after driving long distance for the past 3 days. What we love about the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare is that it gives us access to 5 star accommodation at extremely low prices. There is also the feeling of familiarity that we are coming back to our 2nd home. After a long road trip, that is certainly something to look forward to. The facilities are also great, with an excellent kids club with lots of fun activities to keep the kids entertained and occupied. The gym is great too, with free rental of bicycles, board games and DVDs and fun activities for teens and adults too!

The two bedroom apartment is spacious and fully equipped with kitchenette and dining room, which allows us to prepare delicious home cooked meals, saving us money and allows us to not to eat out all the time.

We know that timeshares get an extremely bad reputation at times, but we believe that if you keep an open mind and do your sums, you will find that there is some value in what they offer. The key is to find one that can be trusted, and we believe that there is no better timeshare than what Marriott offers!

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