2017 Drive from Singapore to Thailand – Day 2 – KL to Jitra

day 2 drive.pngToday’s leg was a 453km drive from KL to Jitra. We normally put up in Alor Setar but this time we wanted to try the LSH Resthouse at Jitra which is further north and closer to the Thailand border.

On the way up towards Ipoh, we witnessed a 4 car pile-up in front of us which forced me to do an emergency brake on the fast lane of the highway. Thankfully I was alert and I avoided ramming into the car in front. This was a stark reminder of the potential dangers when taking these long drives. Always look two or three cars down the line, this will give you more time to react to emergencies. If you only brake when the car immediately in front of you brakes, sometimes this will be too late to avoid a nasty accident. I’m extremely grateful that we managed to avoid the crash, it would have spoiled our entire holiday!

Ipoh, at just about the halfway point of today’s drive, was a good spot to stop for lunch, as always. This time we didn’t go downtown for the Dim Sum, but settled for fast food at the outskirts of town.

The drive after lunch was a scenic one, amidst mountains and through a tunnel. We managed to arrive at Jitra in good time, around 4 pm.

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