Pho Thanh Canh, HCMC


We were looking for a good Pho to undo the damage caused by last night’s disappointing visit to the Royal Saigon Restaurant. We decided to try out this humble looking Pho eatery just around the corner from Pullman Saigon Centre where we were putting up. This seemed like a place targeted more at locals rather than tourists and we felt that this would mean a more authentic Pho. We ordered the Pho Bo which came with all the standard vegetables and spices and it certainly didn’t disappoint. At least a million times better than the Pho last night! The soup was tasty from the spices and not artificially salted up. The bill came up to VND62,000 for one bowl of Pho Bo, which is on the pricy side, but at least it tasted nice! Rating – 8/10