McDonald’s >> This is not the way to do “Charity!”


I completely believe that MINDS is a worthwhile cause to champion and that many of the kids there really need help, and any funds donated to the organisation has the potential to change many needy lives for the better.

But PLEASE, PLEASE don’t buy the McDonald’s Prosperity Meal because you want to “give generously” to MINDS, you will be only giving generously to McDonald’s profits! Only 10 cents per meal is given to MINDS. If you really want to support this worthwhile cause, forgo the entire Prosperity Meal and give that 6 dollars directly to MINDS! By all means, buy the meal if you like the burger, but do not be fooled into thinking you are doing charity just because you are buying the meal!

Honestly, I’m rather disappointed in McDonald’s for using this 10 cents per meal pledge to ask your patrons to “Please give generously and help us spread the joy of Prosperity this New Year.” If you really believe in that statement, you would be pledging all profits from the Prosperity Meal to MINDS… which I’m sure is a lot more than just 10 cents per meal.