Gangnam Style Stravinsky / A Cappella Gangnam Style

Who in his right mind would associate Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with Psy’s Gangnam Style? Well, Richard Atkinson did. Interestingly, enough… it actually seems to fit and make sense in a funny sort of way. I’m not sure if Stravinsky (or even Psy) would approve of this connection, but well, it is certainly a unique link, and music has its way of transcending genres and cultures, especially in recent times. So, lets just sit back and be amused and intrigued by this surreal marriage of two controversial sensations of their time, before we move on with our lives and watch this video fade into insignificance.

Talking about Gangnam Style, everyone who likes the song ought to check out the following amazing a cappella rendition performed by Pentatonix.  🙂 Absolutely love the kick ass beatboxing, vocal harmonics, zany antics, and beautifully energetic ensemble singing. Oh… the shades are pretty cool too!