Return to H of G

It has been 5 years since the last I was here, and it was extremely nice to return to the H o G children’s home. Many of the faces that I remembered from then are still here, all grown up. Many have also left the home to study, or to work. I’m glad that many have stayed on to continue the good work of the home. JS the matriarch is in bad shape physically, but she still posesses an indomitable strength of spirit, insisting on still contributing to intepret for the group. They were happy to see Alethea, and asking about Mae. Alethea enjoyed herself tending after the dog, and playing with the older girls. At first she was still resistant to mixing with the local people, but after some time she got more comfortable with them. The people were extremely hospitable as always, and I sense the strong desire in many of them to give their all for the Lord. They have such a pure heart of worship, and looking into their eyes and their smiles can melt you inside. Really pray that God will lead each and every one of them into their spiritual destiny.





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